Writing myself a letter

What would one of the busiest chiropractors, and a leading chiropractic coach, tell himself as a new grad?

I asked Dr. Matt Tonnos, of New Life Chiropractic in Grimsby, Ontario, what he would say to himself as a new grad. His simple principles and focus are one of the reasons he has become one of the busiest chiropractors in the world and is co-founder of The Chiropractic Revolution, whose mission statement includes:

The Chiropractic Revolution walks out God, Family, and Chiropractic at each seminar and teaches this by bringing in the most AWESOME and TRULY successful chiropractors on the planet to share and do life together.”

The underlining in Dr. Matt’s letter was added by me.


“Matt, there is no question that principled chiropractic is the greatest profession on the planet. But notice I didn’t say it was easy, I said it was great.

Being a principled chiropractor takes an unwavering belief in the calling God has on your life. It takes being confident that you were created to be a world-changer and that you are willing to relentlessly pursue this with everything you’ve got.

Matt, if someone walked into your office and said, “I am going to give you 10 million dollars cash on one condition: you can never share the principle of chiropractic with another person for the rest of your life.” You have to be confident you would turn it down. Being called as a principled chiropractor means you will work tirelessly to advance the calling on your life. It’s not about money or fame or life on easy street, it’s about changing the world.

I believe there is a sick, hurting, lost, struggling world that needs to experience the truth. They need to understand they were wonderfully made, the nerve system is the foundation for their entire physical existence, and all things are possible for those who believe and act on belief. I believe nothing on the planet will ever make you as satisfied as living out the calling God has pre-ordained you for.

It’s not about chiropractic, it’s not about volume, it’s not about money, it’s not about reputation, it’s about bringing your destiny to the world because they need the real you to show up. If you are looking for ways to fit in, the world will never change; you have to be abnormal to have an impact in a world that has normalized all the wrong things. Understand that deep inside of you. You can’t try to fit in and please people or they will never change. You have to be the change the world needs. This means standing for truth more than having people like you. The irony is the more truth you emanate, the more people will like you, because they are lost and looking for truth themselves. They have been lied to and told they are just one pill away from health, one more anti-depressant away from happiness. It’s a lie; they know it in their spirit and they need someone to lead them to the truth.

I have been in chiropractic long enough to say a bit of you dies every time you deviate from your calling. Every time you shrink for a patient, water down the truth you stand for, or get distracted in something other than your calling.

If I can offer any advice, it is this: search your heart daily and listen to the whisper of God. If you quiet your mind and listen, God will reveal to you the things you are made for. Searching your heart involves getting intimately familiar with who you are, Whose you are, and what your purpose is. Today your purpose may look like talking to a room of 60 people, sharing the chiropractic message, while tomorrow your purpose may take the shape of encouraging a neighbor who is down-and-out and thinks life is all downhill from here. Take massive action in a way that feels more true to you than you have ever experienced before. Action will look different for you than it is for me because you and I aren’t supposed to be the same. The world doesn’t need another me, it needs you. This is the recipe for success. Trying to be like someone else will never allow the true authentic you to shine. Be the real you, the world needs it.”


Dr Matt is a passionate follower of Jesus who walks out his life’s callings with his wife, Amy. They have been married for 10 years and have been blessed with four beautiful children. Dr Matt believes that listening to God and living out the life He has intended for you is the only way to true success.

Dr. Matt practices chiropractic in the small town of Grimsby, Ontario, and he and Amy are the co-founders of The Chiropractic Revolution (www.thechiropracticrevolution.com). Their greatest passions are God, family, and chiropractic. Their desire to amalgamate all three is what gave rise to The Chiropractic Revolution.

You can follow Dr Matt on twitter @drmattnewlife or on Facebook with Matt Tonnos and The Chiropractic Revolution.

Today’s your day.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt


Dr. Matt Tonnos


God, Family, Food, Exercise, and Health Strategy for People. Full time Doctor, Dad, and Husband. When I’m not interacting with patients, playing with my kids or exercising at home with my wife, Dr. Amy Culver, you can find me reading books, enjoying a strong cup of coffee, and investing in new start-ups. Remember, If you’re not moving it, you’re losing it.