The Chiropractic Advantage for Kids

Kid’s spines are more at risk and under daily micro trauma than ever before.  Never mind the impact of sports like hockey, soccer and basketball, just the fact that kids start sitting in school desks at the age of 4 and spend more time on electronics and hand held devices than ever before, is destroying spines faster than ever.  Below are the top 4 reasons that every child needs to have chiropractic and a deliberate strategy (like brushing their teeth) to keep their spine healthy.  Just like teeth left without care will pre-maturely wrought so will the spine and nerve system.  You can’t feel the decay until it is often too late.



Top 4 Reasons That Kids need Chiropractic


  • Radiologist and Sports Medicine Specialist Dr Francis Smith examined 154 symptom free 10 year olds and found that nearly 10% of them had degenerative arthritis in their spine. He suggested proactive spinal care at an early age is the way to go.  This means there is a 10% chance your child is developing arthritis in their spine and they don’t feel it.


  • The best medical science show’s that spinal care stimulates the immune system to work in stronger more efficient way.


  • Brain researchers demonstrate that a chiropractic adjustment helps the brain and body adapt to stress and environmental stimuli in a much healthier way.


  • Dr Roger Sperry won a Nobel prize for discovering that the brain receives 80% of it’s nutrition and stimulation from healthy spinal movement. Your child may not have complete, appropriate spinal movement.  This begins at birth and lasts throughout life.




Be Blessed,


Dr. Matt