Do You Really Believe That…

As a society, do we really believe that we are just one more pill or vaccination away from living the good life? I highly doubt that you, or any one for that matter, would agree to that statement. Yet I turn on the TV and see all the news and commercials surrounding health; this is what they’d have us believe.

Last night I saw a news clip that blames unvaccinated people for the measles. Moments later I watched a commercial for an antidepressant that made me feel like I, too, was depressed. The underlying belief behind all of this is that we are just one more shot, one more drug, one more potion away from being able to live a life that is amazing.


When it comes to health, one truth I will always acknowledge is that it’s impossible to poison (drug) your way to better health. Health is something we are born with and need to steward along the way. It isn’t something to be neglected and then patched over with some chemical.

Your body has an inborn program inside of it that is always attempting to make you healthy, and it can do so as long as it is given what it needs. If it doesn’t have what it needs, it can’t. What does it need?

  1. A proper working brain and nerve system to run it’s programming through (chiropractic)
  2. Rest – this is your time to heal and repair
  3. Nutrition – this is what your body rebuilds itself with
  4. Exercise – move it or loose it

It’s so simple that it almost offends the mind. You don’t need all these drugs and procedures and needles if you stay healthy out of the gate. That’s why we recommend living life pro-actively not re-actively.

If there is anything we can do to help you express better health, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help coach you along your journey.

Bless you,

Dr Matt


Dr. Matt Tonnos


God, Family, Food, Exercise, and Health Strategy for People. Full time Doctor, Dad, and Husband. When I’m not interacting with patients, playing with my kids, or exercising at home with my wife, Dr. Amy Culver, you can find me reading books, enjoying a strong cup of coffee, and investing in new start-ups. Remember, if you’re not moving it, you’re losing it.