My Jerry Maguire Letter

Sometimes in life you reach a crossroad. Either you stand up for what you believe and fight for what’s important, or you sit back and let what’s inside of you wither up and slowly die off.

For me, it’s time to set the record straight on what I stand for.

I am sick and tired of people living a half-baked existence and buying into this mind set of sickness and disease and life-limiting labels. Corporate America is fighting for your brain and, unfortunately, as a whole it seems they’re winning.

They have people convinced their brains and bodies don’t work and they need drugs to fix who they are. Prescription drug sales have sky rocketed; leading the charge are those related to mental health. Kids are getting doped up on Ritalin and Aterol at alarming rates, adults are chewing Prozac and Zantac like candy, and apparently, women can’t give birth anymore as we’ve seen nearly a 25% C-Section rate in this region. Not to mention the cancer, heart disease, and diabetes epidemics under way.

I recognize there might be the rare exception where drugs are needed, but certainly not at the rates they are currently being used.

Prescription drugs have been shown to be anywhere from the 1st to 4th leading cause of death in North America. This needs to stop. People’s lives are on the line and, unfortunately, thousands of misled people are dying because they don’t know the truth.

Let’s face it: if God can take a sperm and an egg and create a full baby with a brain, heart, lungs, skin, and bones in 40 weeks, then I trust you have what it takes for health. The entire key to successfully creating life is to simply provide a few core essentials and then don’t do anything to interfere.

This is how your entire life should go: focus on the core essentials and don’t do anything to interfere. Have a great loving environment, a healthy nerve supply to control your body, eat well, move often and with variety, reduce stress, and eliminate toxins. This is all you need and your body will take care of the rest.

If you or someone else botched up the beginning of your life, it’s OK. You can improve and get better all the time by fully correcting your health. You must fully heal and change if you want to get better. You can’t cover up old hurts with drugs or alcohol and expect to be healthy. This applies to all organ systems in your life.

Change is hard but you have a destiny to live out. It is critical you step into the uncomfortable zone if you are going to live out your full life. No one ever said it would be easy, but when you grow, stretch, and shoot for your best, it is an awesome life.

So please join me in standing up and moving forward. Say no to drugs and the easy way out. Teach your children how to live well; break generational curses in your family. When we teach kids to reach for a drug every time they don’t like the way they feel (cough syrup, antibiotics, Tylenol, puffers, etc.) it becomes reasonable then, as a teenager, to just succumb to peer pressure and take drugs to numb their feelings. Except this time maybe it’s cigarettes, booze, marijuana, or even worse. This is the reality of what’s going on out there.

Health and healing is always an above down, inside out job. It never comes from the outside in. So begin with the renewal of your mind. Increase your belief and refuse to settle for anything less than the best in your life. Do what it takes. Make informed, life-giving decisions for you and your family.

I know this world will be a better place if we work together. We get to see lives and families change all the time. We see people get out of wheel chairs, Parkinson’s go away, asthma cured, conception where there once was infertility, ulcerative colitis’ gone, and children growing and developing with superior health without drugs or surgery, only the real them.

I hope you join us on this crusade. We have a lot of work to do and we’re ready for the battle. Please tell your friends and family the good life is awaiting them. Steer them to New Life Chiropractic, get involved, get to the advanced living workshops, get adjusted, and claim your victory.

Holding out for breakthrough,

Dr. Matt


Dr. Matt Tonnos


God, Family, Food, Exercise, and Lifestyle. Full time Doctor, Dad, and Husband. When I’m not interacting with patients, playing with my kids, or exercising at home with my wife, Amy, you can find me reading books, enjoying a strong cup of coffee, and investing in new start-ups. As a Health Expert, I’m more excited than ever to help individuals achieve not only living a life of great health, but living a life of great reward. If you’re not moving it, you’re losing it.