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After developing my healthcare business for the past few years and growing a family of 4 kids with my wife, Amy, I finally feel ready to embark on a new journey. I’m eager to share with all of you my God-given vision on healthy living in an unhealthy world. It’s harder than ever to avoid the temptations of TV, office chairs, and Doritos, but it’s also the best time to be alive and the most resource rich time in history. Choosing your destiny starts right now. I’m sure I can help…


Dr. Matt Tonnos


God, Family, Food, Exercise, and Lifestyle. Full time Doctor, Dad, and Husband. When I’m not interacting with patients, playing with my kids, or exercising at home with my wife, Amy, you can find me reading books, enjoying a strong cup of coffee, and investing in new start-ups. As a Health Expert, I’m more excited than ever to help individuals achieve not only living a life of great health, but living a life of great reward. If you’re not moving it, you’re losing it.