What’s Inside You Is What Matters Most

When you get squeezed (a metaphor for a trial or challenge in life), what comes out of you?

Studies show us that what comes out of people in a trial is what went into them before the trial.

Let me explain.


Physically – if someone has been putting good health into their body (they exercise, make wise food choices, etc.) and then they experience a heart attack or need a surgery, they are likely to rebound much, much faster as health has been stored inside.


Emotionally – when we endure struggles, the dominant thoughts of our mind become evident. If we’ve

been saturated with negative news reports and financial forecasts, then we are likely to have doom and gloom ooze out of us. If we’ve been focusing on the positive and having gratitude for things in life, we are likely to know that better and brighter days are ahead, even in the midst of a trial.


Spiritually – a crushed spirit from the challenges in life is often going to lead people to live in fear and

anxiety over the future. This often comes from a warped sense of who God really is. Someone with a

healthy sense of the Loving Father that God is knows that He will hold them in the palm of His hand,

through thick and thin.


We can really see true colours when people get squeezed. When you get squeezed next time (and you

will) be sure that you have put the right stuff in so that the best comes out.


You were made in the image of God. How good is that?? It’s amazing. Understand that there is nothing

in this life that is greater than God. You were made well, in His image. Do your part by stewarding over

you life, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and you will see your life heading in a much better and

more positive direction.


Be Blessed,


Dr Matt